Practice Charter

The Responsibilities Of Patients

  • To treat all the staff with respect and courtesy at all times. The Practice will not tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse.
  • To ask for a home visit only when the patient is unable to attend the surgery through illness or infirmity. If a home visit may be required please make this request before 11.00am.
  • To ask for an out-of-hours visit only when necessary.
  • To keep your appointments and contact the Practice in advance if you cannot.
  • To be punctual for appointments and to make separate appointments for each patient wishing to see the Doctor.
  • To inform the Practice staff of any alterations in your circumstances, such as change of address, surname or telephone number.
  • To be patient when the health worker you have come to see is delayed for any reason.

The Responsibilities Of The Practice

  • To treat you with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • To treat you as an individual, and to discuss with you the care and treatment we can provide.
  • To give you the most appropriate care by suitably qualified staff.
  • To provide you with emergency care when you need it during the times we are open.
  • To refer you to a consultant acceptable to you when necessary.
  • To give you access to your health records, subject to any limitations in the law.
  • To give you absolute confidentiality and privacy in accordance with professional guidelines.

Public And Patient Involvement Group

The practice has an established Patients Group. We are always seeking new members and all are welcome. The group meets every two months and is chaired by one of our patients.

If you are:

  • A patient of the practice
  • Able to attend up to six meetings per year
  • Willing to participate in constructive discussion about the practice and the patients we serve
  • Committed to improving the service we provide

Then this is your chance to have your say about your Practice.


Computers are used extensively throughout the Practice. They are a vital tool for all Doctors and staff and are used for administration, appointments, prescriptions and maintaining medical records.

Occasionally, GPs are contacted by outside agencies for access to medical records; no information is ever released without prior consent from the patient.

Patient confidentiality and the patient’s rights in relation to disclosure of information is maintained by all staff in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Caldicott Principles.

Complaints Procedure

The Practice operates its own complaints procedure as part of the NHS system for dealing with complaints.

A leaflet giving full details is available from reception at each surgery or view online.

Violence And Abuse

The Practice will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour towards any person present on Practice premises.

Any such behaviour will be reported to the Clinical Commissioning Group and this may result in removal from the practice list.